TZ dreamin’

Construction continues at Tuleeni… lots of folks have been building, fundraising and taking care of the children there. Mandy, who has volunteered at Tuleeni in the past, now lives in Tanzania and is helping with organizing everything. She has done several fundraising campaigns and is in the process of getting most of the kids sponsored for school.
I am sponsoring Awazi this upcoming year for private school (along with another person) IMG_5329and couldn’t be more excited about it. He was definitely my buddy while I was there and being able to participate and assist with his education in this way is important to me. Jackie, who has also volunteered at Tuleeni, has also been busy fundraising and I got some fancy new Tuleeni shirts from her last week. Almost every time I have mine on, someone asks about it and they have to endure at least part of the story.
I’ve been thinking about what is next… if/how to get back to TZ, how to raise more money since I haven’t won the megabucks yet, all of those kinds of things. I finally came up with some answers recently. They are big. My goals are big (and honestly a little daunting for me right now). I am excited about it and will be doing the big announcement in a few weeks on my birthday. I will be counting on all of you who helped me to get there the first time to help me again!