Africa: Going Home

I’m leaving in 30 minutes.  There will be lots more pics and blogs upon my return, but there won’t be a lot for the next few days.  Look forward to seeing some of you relatively soon!

Kwa heri Tanzania wangu.  You have my heart.


Africa: Rafiki

Back in August, when I was wondering what this experience was going to be like, I wondered what kinds of friends I would make

I had an idea, but didn’t think I would become so close to a group of people in three weeks’ time.  Three years in Samoa is one thing, but three weeks in Tanzania is another.  I was pleasantly surprised by some of these women (and a few local friends) and have grown to love them very much.  Even when it’s a rough day, someone’s ready with a smile or a hug or a stupid inside joke (of which there are many) that will make me laugh.

So, to my Hakuna Penda/Internet Cafe crew, you know who you are.  Thank you and Asante Sana for everything.  You helped make this trip everything it was and I look forward to seeing you all back in TZ or somewhere in the states (or NZ!!).

Upendo kaisi,
Jeska Tuleeni/Jessica Hawaii/Mama Sita

Africa: Safari.

There are no words.  So I’m just putting up a few pics until I can get home and get an internet connection to upload all of them.  It was amazing.  An experience of a lifetime.  I’ve been sick since we got back, but I’d do it all over again.  Here’s just a few pics of the amazing animals we got to see.  Some very close up!