Africa: Movie Day

The rest of last week went well at placement.  We did a variety of things: math, spelling, some story time, we decorated christmas trees that I cut out of green paper, songs and games.  I tried to teach them the 12 days of christmas and I think we got to eight maids a milking and they were over it.  They are big fans of jingle bells and we wish you a merry christmas though.

A previous volunteer had started the tradition of Fridays as movie days for the kids.  So on Thursday afternoon we went into town and I was in search of some cartoons/movies for them to watch on the following day.  It’s pretty easy and cheap to get bootleg movies here. I got a collection of kids movies (shrek, tarzan, kung fu panda – about 7 or 8 all together) all on one DVD for 8,000 shillings (about $5 USD).  I also stopped at Highway Supermarket, a big supermarket near our home base and bought some popcorn.  Who doesn’t love some popcorn while watching Shrek?  So I was all set.

Friday morning I went in with my laptop and they knew what that meant.  We did some quick stuff before the movie and got things rolling.  Another volunteer, Joanna came with me that day and helped me with the kids who weren’t interested in movie watching (there were a few).

We ended up watching Shrek and Kung Fu Panda – the kids seemed to enjoy themselves, and some of my older boys were very thankful and came up and said “thank you teacher!”

Some pictures are below, from top to bottom: kids gathered around the laptop to watch, my youngest eating popcorn in a bowl made out of his shirt, and another one of the kids enjoying popcorn.  I think we all enjoyed ourselves.  Today when I came in, I heard lots and lots of “teacher! teacher!” and then pretty quickly after, I heard, “laptop?”


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