Africa: Why yes, I do come from Obama country.

While the United States is gearing up for election year, the rest of the world continues to bask in Obama’s victory from 2008.  We were in town today to get a little more oriented – I still don’t know my way around much – and everyone would greet with a “Jambo!” or “Mambo!” (both hello/how are you) or “Karibu!” (welcome!).

Many of the vendors like to strike up a conversation – asking what your name is, where you’re from, et cetera.  As soon as I said America – almost every time – the response was “Obama!”  Kenya may be the country to the north, but Obama’s father may as well have been born here – as evidenced by t-shirts and stickers that we’ve seen since we’ve been here.

Regardless of what you think of Obama – it makes me happy to know that there is a more positive response to Americans abroad since he’s been elected.  It was a fun day in town.  A little overwhelming with the aggressiveness of selling, but good.  A volunteer who has been here for two months has been very helpful with where to buy things, what streets to avoid, so we’re just trying to soak in as much as possible.  I had forgotten how tiring that is.  So I may just go close my eyes for a spell…


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