Africa: Technology

I’ve been so impressed with the availability of the internet while here… from the internet and wi-fi at the hotel, to the fact that I’m on wireless right now typing from my bed.  I’m sharing my room with Amy, another RPCV and we were marveling at the accessibility.  I’m not begrudging it at all – I’m happy that I’m able to stay in touch and connected with everyone – emails, facebook, instagram and all of it.  I just think it would’ve totally changed my peace corps experience.  Sharing one email with all of the other volunteers while in country, and eventually getting to the point where we had a few computers with internet was a big deal.  I think it forced us to be in our communities and learn the language and culture… and it made us appreciate the lost art of letter writing.  We lived for mail.

I wonder how different that is now… for peace corps volunteers here and all over the world.  They have blogs and facebook and skype.  Totally connected.  I remember being amazed during one of my trips back to Samoa when everybody had a cellphone and that blew me away.  Now it is standard operating procedure and I even have a Samoa designated mobile that I take with me when I go back.

It’s not bad.  Just different.


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