Africa: CCS really is the mini peace corps.

I’ve jotted down at least 10 potential blog entries today.  This one has been the overarching theme though, I think…

As we were all arriving at Karanga today, several volunteers who had been here for months were leaving.  It reminded me of pizza at Giordano’s the night before a pisikoa would leave, and the goodbyes – giving away the last of your stuff and giving advice to the newbies.  And how you wondered what you were going to do without these people in your daily life… and deal with life in America again (or not!).

We also got a brief intro to town today.  I hate not knowing the language or the culture they way I would like to.  But I keep reminding myself this is only 3 weeks.  That Samoa was 3 years.  And that I’ll be back in Tanzania at some point.  Just in the short time that I’ve been here, I know I’ll be back again… as a tourist, as a peace corps volunteer, or something.  The country has been amazing and everyone so welcoming.

The staff at the house have been great – they’ve driven us, fed us, answered a bunch of questions and no doubt will continue to support us during our time here.

Other highlights:

  • We were at a coffee shop in town today and the soundtrack was the Vengaboys and “Who let the dogs out?!” – I might as well have been at Otto’s and it was 1999.
  • We saw two weddings today on our way in and out of town.
  • One of the people we are here with lost her luggage and was a little upset about things.  One of the staff members said, “T I A B!” (This is Africa, Baby!).  It reminded me of the countless times we would say “Fa’aSamoa” and shrug our shoulders.

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