Africa: Aesthetics

Today was my first day really out of the hotel grounds and into the real world during daylight, other than my trip to the hotel when I landed.  Things looked different.  The trip from the hotel to Moshi took us about 45 minutes or so, after we had been waiting from about 10 am to 2 pm.  (That’s another blog post.)

Much of the land that we went through was the opposite of green.  We even saw several funnel clouds of dust as we drove down the main road.  It was very brown and dusty and not what many people might find aesthetically pleasing right away.  I remember that first bus ride in Samoa – on the way in to Apia from Faleolo… not knowing anything about anything and thinking that houses were run-down looking or not appreciating how tidy a yard was and that all of those lava rocks had been painted white and spaced the same distance apart across the front lawn.

I felt like that today – that I didn’t know enough to appreciate.  As we got closer to Moshi and came through some smaller towns, it appeared, we saw more people – little stores, markets, and just more activity, which livened things up a bit.  The colors, the smiles, made everything look a little nicer to me.  As much as I LOVE Hawai`i and where I live, it really is nice to have something different to look at, even if it isn’t what I might find pleasing to the eye, at first.  As with many things, the more you know, the more you love.



2 thoughts on “Africa: Aesthetics

  1. Jess! I am so glad you are there safe and sound…I LOVE reading your moment to moment experiences as they are fresh in your mind. Enjoy…miss you!

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