Africa: Similarities

We can’t help but compare our travel experiences… some things that I’ve noticed so far that are similar to Samoa and other places that I’ve been able to travel…

  • Fanta (yay, we knew that one was coming)
  • The synthesizer music on the radio, and taking the tunes to familiar songs and totally changing the words/meaning.
  • People wondering why this single woman is traveling by herself – doesn’t she have a family?!?!
  • The local beer is good.
  • The humor.  It seems easier or something than it does in America.  People are more generous with their laugher.  I might have a limited idea of the vocabulary being used, but I can tell when people are being smartasses to each other.
  • Politeness.
  • Food tastes better.
  • The mosquitoes are hungry.  For fresh tourists.

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