Africa: I think I just got proposed to.

I spent a good part of this late afternoon bonding with the mountain.  Taking pictures, watching her change in the clouds and the light.

The sun eventually went down and I was on my way back to my room to wash up for dinner when I came across a man I met yesterday.  We started chatting about all kinds of things… it eventually came back to my age and marital status. He’s just 3 years younger than me.  He’s educated, speaks 3 languages and is circumcised (this information he volunteered, I didn’t ask).  As our dialogue continued he told me of the Maasai traditions around weddings and everything that was involved.  As with most weddings, it ends up being quite a celebration with many families and villages involved.  He would need permission from my parents, and we could be engaged for a long time, if necessary.

The only hitch is, is that I’d have to be the 2nd wife.  As politely as possible, I explained that I was more 1st wife material… and that I wouldn’t be able to bear him any children.  I think the children threw him off more than anything else, but he’s a modern kind of guy and I think is willing to negotiate.  I’ll keep you all posted.


3 thoughts on “Africa: I think I just got proposed to.

  1. I thought I was following your blog in my Google Reader, but apparently I missed everything once you actually left for Africa. So I’m catching up on all of it today! I’m surprised you wouldn’t want to be a second wife … a man around when you might need him, but not cramping your style. 😉 Ha ha.

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