Africa: Fanta!

If you have done any traveling around the developing world, one thing you will soon learn: Coca-Cola products are king and Fanta is a large part of it.  Yes, Fanta.  That stuff that nobody thinks about in America.  It comes in a variety of colors flavors, but the most popular one is orange (both a color and a flavor!).  I don’t touch the stuff when I’m in the states, but as soon as I’m somewhere where the water isn’t safe and need to drink something other than beer – fanta it is!

I don’t know what else to say… when it’s 90 degrees out and the humidity is at 98%, a beer tastes great.  But so does this liquid orange sugar.  We would buy a big glass bottle (or a coke sometimes – made with real sugar!) in the village in Samoa and share it between several of us, and it was like nectar from the garden of eden or something.  Maybe it’s the glass bottle.  Maybe it’s the sugar cane.  But it’s good.  I’ve had it in the middle of a super hot day sitting under a tree or whatever shade we could find at the store, or after a night of dancing at Mt. Vaea with a plate of Samoan barbecue and never been an unhappy camper.

Fanta commercials were widespread – in the newspaper, on TV Samoa, at the movies and on the radio – the same way you see coke and pepsi ads here.  I was lucky enough to find this gem on you tube – a Fanta ad from Tanzania.  I’m so grateful I will once again be reunited with one of my favorite products of globalizaton…


2 thoughts on “Africa: Fanta!

  1. I remember growing up in Guam and my dad would get excited about Fanta. Pineapple was the favorite flavor in my family. Does Africa have unusual Fanta flavors?

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