Africa: Are you EXCITED?!?!

If I had a dollar for every time I am asked this question, I would have no financial worries about taking this trip.  My standard response is “yes!”  It kind of reminds me when I got back from peace corps and people would ask “how was it?” and I knew that all they wanted to hear was “fine/great” or some variation thereof.

So , the short answer is yes, I’m very excited.

The long answer is yes, I’m very excited, but the trip really couldn’t be coming at a worse time in terms of getting laid off from work and getting grades turned in before I leave and that I’m not going to have health insurance for a while and my vacation payout won’t come in until February and I’m having to tell all prospective employers about this trip and I’m going to be a mess when I return and literally walk into the classroom a few hours after landing in Honolulu and will be hating on the first world more than usual for a few weeks.

This is very much a #firstworldpain, I realize.  But it is where I am at, currently, and am going to have to suck it up in the next 3 weeks and get sh*t done and go.

The other long answer that is a little not so #firstworldpain-ish goes like this – of course I’m excited!  I’m excited about getting off the rock.  I’m excited about getting my hands dirty and sleeping under a mosquito net again.  I’m excited about meeting new people.  I’m excited about seeing lions and tigers and giraffes and elephants.  I’m excited about the work I’m going to be doing.  I’m excited to do something I’m honestly excited about.  I’m excited to practice my Swahili and say things wrong and have people laugh at my feeble attempts.  I’m excited to have kids not know what to do with the crazy mzungu.  I’m excited about trying new food and banana beer.  I’m not excited about the flights and the jet lag and the inevitable illnesses, but the stuff I’m excited about definitely outweighs the stuff I’m not excited about.


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