Africa: Blogging and Search Terms

Many of you are aware of this blog and have read it (thanks! I’m all warm and fuzzy inside) because you know me and can’t wait to hear about how sick I’m going to be in Tanzania and are interested in this Africa trip. (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers love nothing more than a graphic story about illness, especially when it means throwing up or losing control of your digestive system at a super inopportune time.)  I still remember some epic boil stories from Samoa… but I digress…

As I’ve gotten more into the blogging thing, I’ve been learning more about publicity, search terms, and other internet-ish stuff like that – which may be useful someday if I really decide to do the blogging thing long-term.  Dooce, I am not, but hey, I do like to put some words on paper, or on a blog from time to time.

I was looking at some of the search terms that have landed other folks onto this page, and found some of it quite funny, so I thought I’d share.  (Who knew how many people were searching about bugs on a regular basis?)  Anyways, here they are, in no particular order:

        • deadly insects
        • generalizations of africa images
        • green spiders in south africa
        • sick out today again
        • kelleah young (why does this NOT surprise me?)
        • funny capitalism jokes
        • insect fair
        • typical creepy crawlies in southern africa
        • house insects scorpions
        • poisonous insects in tanzania
        • west african map studies
        • deadly centipedes
        • tanzania scorpion centipede
        • globalization comic funny
        • tanzania poison spiders
        • african map without labels
        • 3rd world africa
        • globalization funny comic
        • 3rd world facebook
        • map of the whole world labeled
        • globalization and development funny
        • globalization class funny
        • globalisation funny comics
        • globalization comic
        • 3rdworld suffering from capitalists
        • funny 3rd world
        • funny globalization comic
        • case study globalization comic
        • african kanga
        • 3rd world map
        • african poisonous insects
        • degree of helpfulness
        • africa traditional gender roles
        • map of the whole world with countries in it
        • underdeveloped arms
        • the world is just keeps getting smaller and smaller

So, those of you who have been reading regularly – thanks!  I really appreciate it.  Those of you who have randomly showed up here it appears you are interested in insects more than anything else.  So be careful!


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