Africa: the Packing List

So, CCS sends us a list of stuff to pack.  I’m going to share that along with what I’m listening to and what I’m not going to listen to… haha.

  • Bandages (ok, maybe a few)
  • Antiseptic wipes (either these or hand sanitizer but not both)
  • Tylenol/aspirin (aleve.  lots!)
  • Diarrhea meds/antibiotics (3 courses of cipro, immodium, pepto and ex-lax – I have a history)  TMI?  Sorry.  Welcome to the world of international travel.
  • Insect repellant.  (ok, some.  small bottle)
  • Hand sanitizers (see above)
  • Soap, shampoo, etc. (of course)
  • Brush/comb (are they making this list for people who don’t normally travel?)
  • Deodorant (yes, it’s going to be HOT)
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush – bring an extra toothbrush in case you get tap water on it (yes and yes – I did that once in San Salvador and paid the price)
  • Razors (this girl hasn’t shaved her legs since Samoa/1999)
  • Alarm clock (hopefully my phone/watch will cover that – are there no roosters?)
  • Camera/memory cards (yes! yes! I actually need to go get a few memory cards)
  • Flashlight (I’ve got a headlamp I’ll probably take)
  • Chargers/batteries (yes, along with an adapter)
  • Sun block (do you not know me?)
  • Insect repellant (they listed it twice – seriously.  ok, I WILL bring some)
  • Water bottle (nalgene, of course)
  • Flip flops (are there other shoes?)
  • Nailbrush and clipper (doubtful)
  • Photos and artifacts about my home for cultural sharing (I may bring a few pics)
  • Towel (yes – one real one and one travel one)
  • Cotton swabs (travel size)
  • Tissues (maybe)
  • Glasses (no need!)
  • Sunglasses (yes, a few pair of knockoffs)
  • Lip balm (with sunscreen, even!)
  • Candies to keep your throat moist in the dry heat (I haven’t done dry heat in a while, this is going to be interesting)
  • Laundry soap (really?  i’m not convinced on this one)
  • Tennis shoes/hiking boots (tennis shoes, yes)
  • Lock for cabinet (I’ll have to look around for something)
  • Swahili phrase book (there’s an app for that!)
  • Music (iphone)
  • Money belt (nah, I hate those things)
  • Bandana (sure, why not)
  • Water purifying tabs if trekking (not trekking)
  • Sleep sack (if I need something for safari, i’ll probably rent it)
Stuff they didn’t mention that I will bring:
  • Neosporin
  • Malaria pills
  • Baby powder – if it’s as hot as they say it is i’ll be showering in it.
  • Hair ties – looks like most of the women wear their hair up and covered, and my crazy long curly blonde hair will undoubtedly stand out.
  • iphone
  • I’m debating about my computer.
  • Crystal light/gatorade/hydration salts.
  • Journal/writing utensils.
  • Some fun books.
  • Maybe some coloring books/crayons.
  • Cards.
  • Travel scrabble or something else to entertain.
  • Some power bars/granola/dried fruit.
I’m sure I’ll add/delete a few things as I go, but this is where it starts.  A list.
Anything I’m missing?  That I must take?  That I must delete off my list?  Suggestions are welcome.

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