Africa: Shots and Visas and Pills, Oh My!

It’s been a long time, folks.  My apologies!!  Before the semester started, I had free time. And now we’re almost mid-way through the semester.  My current “free time” is spent sleeping or trying to catch up on sleep or something else probably related to school, etc.  I’ve been able to do a few social things, but that has certainly taken a backseat to trying to work two jobs and teach three classes.

The lovely Katie at Cross Cultural Solutions called me this week to check in and see where I was with things.  (Or not, in my case!)  I remember initially getting the packet and being all gung ho and then school started.  So now I need to get back on their website and finish my volunteer profile so that I can be matched with an agency.  She also had some updated information about our visa application process — apparently there have been some inconsistencies with the type of visa I have to get and Katie seemed more upset about it than I was.  I guess when it comes to international travel I know it’s gonna be all kinds of crazy expect a little bit of chaos – it just wouldn’t be the same without some ridiculous bureaucracy or confusion (or both).  This means I also need to book a ticket by the end of the month.  So much is up in the air right now in terms of life it is hard to decide on dates for travel.  At this point it looks like I’m not going to have enough time to attempt Kilimanjaro – so that may have to wait for another trip, unfortunately.  But I have a feeling this will not be my last trip to Africa.

Along with working on my visa, I finally called the travel medicine clinic this week to schedule an appointment later this month.  Lucky me, my typhoid and tetanus both have expired, but all of my hepatitis series are still good.  I’ll have to do yellow fever as well.  It will be reminiscent of the days when Teuila and Bev would line us up and stab all the peace corps trainees.  I’ve never gotten so many shots in all my life.  I’ll also hopefully get my prescription for malaria pills then too.

I honestly haven’t had much time to think about Africa other than when someone asks about it… this semester is too busy kicking my ass. I guess it still isn’t real… it never is until I’m on the plane, it seems.  I know that as October flies by that it will start to be more and more real, and I’ll have to start thinking about packing and getting stuff I need and what my extracurricular activities will be while I’m there… safari, Zanzibar, and other excursions.

I dropped an old peace corps friend off at the airport today…he’s headed to Samoa, and I was insanely jealous.  It has been almost a year since I’ve done any kind of traveling and I am feeling it.  By the time December rolls around I will be good and ready!!


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