Africa: I haven’t forgotten you.

For a while Africa was all I could think about.  It is still something to look forward to, but I’m currently occupied by being just one week in to the semester.  I’m realizing that Africa will be upon me before I know it.  This semester is going to fly!  I’m not ready for it to go by as quickly as it is about to, but I don’t have much choice, it seems.

East Africa is going through a rough time right now – drought and famine.  Things I can’t really imagine, and would imagine that most of you can’t either.  I don’t have a ton of money right now, but I did make a small contribution to Oxfam recently.  I would encourage those of you who have the means to do whatever you can to help the situation – maybe what it might cost to go out to dinner?  The Centre for Research on Globalization has put together a list of agencies who are helping.  You can find it here.

In the meantime, I’m neck deep in syllabi and trying to keep up with all of the reading’s I’ve assigned my students… I’ll try to get better about blogging, now that I’m over the plague and working on getting into a routine again.  This pales in comparison to what is going on right now in Africa, but it is what I am dealing with.  I’ve included a video below with a little more background on the current famine issues.  Don’t let the AlJazeera tag fool you – it’s some of the best reporting out there…











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