Africa: The Peace Corps

After having served in the Peace Corps and traveling with RPCVs in the countries they have served in, I find current and returned volunteers to be a wealth of information.

Some blogs and such that I’ve been reading and thought you might want to check out too.
That, and it’s been a slow inspiration week, as far as writing goes.  So, I’m being a little bit lazy.  As I told someone the other day, sometimes I respond to emails and text messages in my head, and forget I’ve never really responded.  I’ve gotten a few blog posts written in my head this week, but not much typed out.  So this will have to do, for now.  I’ve got one about travel friendships coming up, but I just need to sit down and type it out.

Anyways.  Some other Tanzania blogs (and two from other people I will be traveling with). Enjoy!

Two people I will be traveling with:
My Journey to Africa
Missouri Care Action Network

Some Peace Corps Blogs:
Teaching English in Tanzania
27 Months in Tanzania
An American in Tanzania
Blue Moon of Tanzania
Tumaini: Okie on the Savannah

Happy reading peeps.  I’ll have more stuff soon.


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