Africa: Food (pt. 1) You had me at coconut milk…

As with pictures, there will more than likely be one post about food…

I’ve been on a bit of a domestic tear the past few days.  Not cleaning, but cooking.  While I was house sitting, I had access to a real kitchen, which I always enjoy instead of my tiny/hot one.  There’s something about having a cool ocean breeze nearby that makes domesticity that much more appealing.

On Saturday, I stopped at the store and they had filet mignon on sale, as well as some of my fave dutch yellow potatoes, and dinner was born!  Oh yeah, and some yummy green beans.  Oh, and the wine.  Don’t forget the wine!  I had some of that while I was cooking too.  Eating it outside by myself with no sound other than the occasional bird and the ocean was pretty nice too.  I don’t make time often enough to cook, for myself, or for other people.

Food is one of my favorite things about traveling… and who am I kidding, it’s just one of my favorite things.  There are meals that I’ll never forget while traveling or living overseas.  The first time I had oka (and lots of things in Samoa).  The pupusa I had hot off the grill in El Salvador.   The best comfort food ever – rice, beans and chicken, in Havana, washed down with some Cuba Libre.  Thanksgiving dinner last year at Home in San Francisco with Matt – where we both were trying to figure out what was in that cranberry sauce that we were losing our minds over (turned out to be red wine, of course!).  Curry and roti in Suva.  A bagel in NYC.  Chowda in Boston.  When Jill and I went to Ben’s and CakeLove the same night in DC.  Ok, enough already, you get my point.

I’m looking forward to making some more of those food memories in Tanzania.  What I’ve found on the markets alone look amazing.  I came across a Taste of Tanzania recently and am liking what I am seeing.  Anytime I see spices, coconut milk, chapati and mandaazi (which look an awful lot like panikeke, hooray!) I’m a happy gal.

Now I’m hungry and thankfully it is time for dinner…


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