Africa: Weekends.

I woke up this morning to a lovely view of Kaneohe Bay, courtesy of my house sitting gig (courtesy of T and J).  I have to get up and get productive eventually, but waking up to a view or something out of the norm always makes me appreciate my weekends more, for some reason.  (Like the Hau’ula weekend did not too long ago).

I’m sure I’ll be enjoying my work during the week when I’m in Tanzania, but I’ll probably enjoy the down time I have as well. My weekends and many of my evenings will be all mine.  Free to do with what I please. There will be lots of options for exploring, for sure.  A weekend in Zanzibar, there are lots of national parks nearby with possibilities for mini-safaris and other fun stuff, some cultural possibilities, or just going out to wander, as I sometimes like to do (as long as I remember that curfew!)

Hope everybody has had a good weekend – wherever they were!  I’m headed back to town soon, and while I won’t wake up to the ocean, I’ll wake up to my own bed, and there’s something to be said for that too!


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