Africa: Pictures (Pt. 1)

I went ahead and put the part one there because you know there’s going to be more than one post about picture-taking.

Randomly, on twitter, mostly, there have been pictures popping up of Tanzania.
I’m so excited just to think about the photographic possibilities.  The landscape. The animals.  The people.  It will all be new.  Hawaii and Samoa and Aotearoa have provided some amazing backdrops.  This, however, is unchartered territory.

Seriously?  Zebras?  That aren’t in a zoo?  With the flowers?  And the lake?  And the mountains?  It is overwhelming.

And these trees?  They’re like 1,000 years old.  And that sky?  That moon?  (OK, Samoa has the best view of the moon I’ve ever seen, but this one looks to be a close second).

I got myself a DSLR for a divorce christmas present a while ago, and it was the best. investment. ever.  Except now I want a new one.  I’ve learned some.  Need to learn more.  You think I can talk Canon or Nikon into hooking me up?  Or anybody know anybody who works at Best Buy and can get me a discount? This isn’t exactly a cheap hobby.  I know I’ll be fine either way, and the old Canon can pull her weight if necessary. I’d just really like to have some new bells and whistles (and lenses) for this trip.  Maybe I should start tweeting these guys and see what happens.

In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming in pictures.  And about the day that I’m taking pictures for National Geographic or Lonely Planet.  Or anybody, really.


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