Africa: Six Degrees of Helpfulness

When I first applied for the travel grant, a few people mentioned they knew someone or knew someone who knew someone who knew something about Tanzania.  Now that I’ve won the trip – it’s official… I know people who know people!  (and they’re all helpful!)

The medical and safari and Kilimanjaro advice and information has been invaluable, but the emails and Facebook messages saying – I have a friend who is from there, or did you meet the woman at the East-West Center from Tanzania?, or my coworker is there right now and I’ll hook you up when he gets back – have been amazing and totally unexpected.  I know I’m only going to be there for a short time, but an opportunity to meet and hang out with some locals is my favorite kind of traveling.

I always joke that my book about Hawai`i or Samoa will be about how there’s about a half a degree of separation most of the time…which can be a wonderful thing or make you crazy.  The more life goes on, the more I really do believe the 6 degrees theory – and not just as it relates to Kevin Bacon. So in turn, you all now know some people in Tanzania if you decide to go. 🙂

Undoubtedly this will be one of the many times I need to say thank you, mahalo, fa’afetai and asante!  And if you have any more information to share, please do!


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