Africa: Rules. (those things I don’t do so well with)

So, I talked with the fabulous Katie today at Cross Cultural Solutions.
Lots to get figured out.  She was super nice and helpful and gave me the rundown on some things.  Like the rules.

I understand the rules.  And the reasons for the rules.  But those of you who know me, I don’t do so well with rules.  (i.e., living with the nuns in Samoa, keeping my mouth shut when I’m supposed to, and anything that makes me feel restricted in any way.)
After watching a bunch of twentysomethings go batshit crazy exploring in Samoa, there is something to be said for a rule here and there.  Apparently there are already 10 people signed up to go in my group.  Ranging in age from 19 to someone in their 60s.  It’s like peace corps all over again.

Anyways.  The rules.  Not that stupid dating book, either.
I have to try to cover my tattoos as much as possible.  Shouldn’t be too much of a problem except for my taulima and my ankle/foot tattoos.  We’ll see how that goes. Tattoos are apparently not so common over there.  So I’ll do what I can to cover them while doing the work thing.

I’ll have a curfew – 11 p.m.  Not too big of a deal.  I’m sure I’ll be up early and to bed early, if past travels are an indicator.  That being said, I do like to explore the nightlife of anywhere I’m traveling.  I’ll just get the nightlife prior to 11 p.m.

No alcohol at the house.  Now this one might be difficult.  I like to try the local brews.  Or the imports.  It’s gonna be hot.  And I’m gonna want a beer or a glass of wine.  Apparently that will not be happening at home.  Which is funny – I thought they would not want us drinking in public, and want us drinking in private… but hey… I’ll go with it.
There’s also lots of rules about picture-taking… which will be hard.  I understand that pictures I’m taking at my work site are of a sensitive nature and should not be made accessible to the general public.  But I LOVE to take pictures.  Especially of people.  I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to say “Can I take your picture?” in Swahili.

(But I’m SO much better at languages after I’ve had a drink or two.  Damn.)



4 thoughts on “Africa: Rules. (those things I don’t do so well with)

  1. Have a great time there and write a lot about it after you get home at 11 and before you have a nightcap. (Give the rest of us ome vicarious enjoyment despite the rules.)

  2. This is so exciting – I hate travelling and I love to read about other people’s travels, esp when they write about them as vividly as you do – so Im looking forward to ‘meeting’ Tanzania via your site.

    Oh and feeling sympathetic for you on the alcohol rules, sigh.

    • Thanks, Lani. I’m looking forward to getting there so that y’all can meet Tanzania via my crazy blog.
      I’ll live with the alcohol rules, but Vailima did wonders for my Samoan back in the day 🙂

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