Africa: Questions…No Answers.

Should I go on Safari?  Who’s good and cheap?
Should I hike Kilimanjaro?  (See Safari)
Where am I going to end up volunteering?
How am I going to save money for all of this?
When do I leave and return?
How am I going to survive 30-40 hours of travel to the other side of the globe?
What do I wear?
Will I cry?
How many times am I going to offend someone?
Should I go to Zanzibar?
How big of a pain is it going to be to get this visa?
Am I going to get sick while I’m there?
What will the New Year be like?
Are you going to make me not want to come back to America?
How many pictures do you think I’ll take?
Are the other volunteers on my project going to be fun?
What’s the food like?  More importantly, what’s the alcohol like?


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