Africa: Off the Grid

I’m not sure what kind of access I’m going to have to communications while in Tanzania.
It seems like there’s pretty good internet in the bigger cities, and judging from what I’ve seen from the peace corps blogging community, they seem to do ok.

I’m an internet addict.  I know this.  However, when I’m traveling, it doesn’t really phase me.  When I went to Samoa last summer – I remember being teased “what are you going to do without your iPhone?!”  And I was absolutely fine.  Email actually became stressful. Whenever we’d be in the village for a few weeks and I’d come back to town to check my email, I’d practically have a panic attack at the internet cafe.  It was information overload. Seeing that I had 72 Facebook notifications was overwhelming.  People needed to stop “liking” my photos because it was stressing. me. out.

The reason I’m writing this is because I just spent the weekend in Hau’ula with some friends.  No tv.  No computers.  We did have our iPhones, but those were primarily used to instagram with each other.  I caught up on my short story reading.  We shared a trashy tabloid magazine. Played games (Apples to Apples, and Trivial Pursuit, anyone?).  Came up with our top 5/top 10 lists.  Learned about each other’s families.  Cooked.  Ate.  Drank. Beached.  Planned someone’s wedding (we at least have the food and photography and wardrobe covered).  It reminded me of weekends in Samoa with other volunteers.  Where the biggest agenda item was simply filling time.

You can get a lot done while you’re off the grid, people.
Especially with a view like this:


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