Africa: Blood.

No, not blood diamonds or that stuff.

Blood.  Itself.  I have a rare blood type.  B-.
I’ve been donating since high school, when a classmate was diagnosed with a blood disease.  So I donate as often as I can, usually.   This gets interrupted by my love for tattoos and international travel from time to time.

When I haven’t been in for a while or forget to schedule, Char at the Blood Bank of Hawaii calls to remind me.  She called me again this morning.  Thankfully they’re on campus a lot so it makes things very convenient.  I started wondering how long they’re not gonna let me donate after this trip.  They didn’t have anything specific on the website about travel, other than malaria – and I know I’m going to be in an area where malaria occurs.

I’ve never had to do the malaria pill thing.  But it seems everyone has a story… ranging from crazy dreams to real psychiatric symptoms.  Anybody out there have any advice or experience with the malaria stuff?  I’ve got to schedule an appointment with the doctor soon to make sure I have all the immunizations I need, and figure out what I’m gonna do about the malaria situation.

And in the meantime I’ll donate blood a few more times before they ban me for a year or so.


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